About Us


DCSRA shall influence, foster, encourage and promote the aims and objectives of the Democratic Party and aid in the election of Democratic candidates for public office.


Continental Mall, Suite 208

210 W. Continental Road

Green Valley, Arizona  85622


Monday-Friday, 10 a.m.-2 p.m.


(520) 838-0590


santaritadems@gmail.com (or click here)


P.O. Box 131 Green Valley, AZ  85622

DCSRA 2020 Board Members

President: Matthew Boyd

Treasurer: Julie Roush

Fundraising: Terry Lang

Voter Outreach: Arlynne Ostlund

Programs:  George McGaughey

Membership:  Barbara Dickison

Secretary: Pat Burgess

Publicity: Myra Christeck

Headquarters: Becky McCreary

Member at Large: Phillip Silvers

Member at Large: Unfilled at the moment

Our Wonderful DCSRA Office Volunteers

Pat Burgess

Barbara Clark

Dean Chaussee

Janet Connell

Lois Connell

Barbara Dickison

Kathy Gullen

Claudette Haney

Jon Hepfer

Becky McCreary

Paul McCreary

George McGaughey

Lee Reid

Duke Southard

Judi Torres

Lorri Underwood

Jane Webb


Myra Christeck, Admin for The Blast!, Facebook & Website & Publicity

Paul McCreary, Videographer of Monthly Meetings and Special Events