Election 2020


Here’s a list of all the Democratic federal, state, and local candidates for the August 4, 2020 Primary Election for our area.

Rosanna Gabaldon, our LD 2 Representative in the Arizona Legislature, is a candidate for State Senator. View her campaign video here.

To see if you are still registered to vote, click here.

If you wish to vote in the August 4 2020 Primary Election and are not yet registered to vote, then you must register by the July 6th deadline. Click here to view a video which will assist you in completing the registration form.

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To register online through the Secretary of State, click here.

Have a Candidate that You Want to Support?

Check out E-Qual

In Arizona, candidates are required to obtain a minimum number of petition signatures to appear on a ballot. Voters interested in assisting Statewide and Legislative candidates can now sign a petition electronically.

Clean Elections candidates are required to obtain $5 qualifying contributions from registered voters to qualify for public funding. Voters may now contribute a $5 qualifying contribution with E-Qual.

Click on the link below to find out more and take actions to support the candidate of your choosing.


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